[Kind of] Private methods in Objective C

Objective C is a very flexible language, but one thing which I have always found missing is a native way to have private methods. I find private methods extremely useful when separating internal logic in a class into reusable methods which are irrelevant outside the scope of that class…

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Simple, more flexible Obj C Logging

NSLog is a simple way of logging text and values out to Console in your code.

When I first started programming Alfred, I very quickly realised that NSLog didn’t provide me with enough granularity to be particularly useful. I wanted to separate out log messages such that in normal use, I only see significant messages, however I still have the option to see ALL logging if I needed…

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Virtual Hosts on your local OS X Apache

If you want to easily mirror multiple live websites locally for super fast and offline development, then read on!

When I reinstall OS X, I very quickly reconfigure Apache to allow for local vhosts. Apache can be a bit of a minefield for configuration and I am by no means an expert, however, these simple steps give a huge amount of benefit as you won’t need to edit apache’s configuration files every time you want to add a new vhost…

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Oh no, not another blog!!

I’ve been meaning to start a Mac / development blog for quite some time now… so here goes!

Being a Mac developer working for myself is one of the best life decisions I have ever made. It has been extremely stressful and hard work quite a bit of the time, but it is extremely rewarding once you have some software being used by a large number of happy users, it is one of the best feelings in the world…

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